Shadows and Dust: The Revelation


Prologue: The Journal of Luo Fang


Today, the gates of Yuthaya will open again after twelve years. I am one in two hundred that will be allowed into the Golden Kingdom. My hard work has finally paid off.

They call the Yuthayan people the Children of the Gods, and legends say they were handmade by deities themselves, meant to lead this world into the light. Now, I don’t have much proof of this, but, by gods, are the Yuthayans beautiful.

Most of them are tall, fair-haired, and copper-skinned. Their eyes glimmer like gemstones in the sunlight. I don’t know why they chose an ugly old dwarf like me, but as they say, “Don’t question the miracle.”

I am to learn the language and script of Yuthaya. I have seen pieces images here and there of their writing in my travels and studies, but not enough to actually learn the language.

It may bring dismay to my family, for a Dwarf to be an academic, but I cannot think of anything I would love more than to live out the rest of my days in the living library that is the Light of the World.

The Light of the World! What a name for a city. We are about two days from there and I cannot wait.

I am bunking with a young soldier of the Gheryan army. His name is Gregor, and if he is excited, he does not wear it in his face. He is far younger than me, but bears the look of a man who has seen too much. I don’t doubt it, especially for those born in Gherya.

He doesn’t speak much, and even indoors, he wears his helmet. His skin is copper as well, but not the same as a Yuthayan. His eyes are almost eerily dark. There is just something about him that I just cannot place. Something frightening.

But I am sure it’s nothing. The Yuthayans would not choose him if he were not worthy. And we have two more days. If he is alerted of my fears, then this would make for a very awkward introduction.

“Shadows and Dust: The Revelation” is a Dragonforge Dungeons and Dragons campaign narrated and written by Daniel Ruperto M. Gaerlan, the debaucherous diver with a dadbod.

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